The primary purpose of LBPOA is the preservation of the “Reserved Beach”, which refers to the 7/10ths of a mile undeveloped beach on the south side of Front Beach Road, within Laguna Beach Subdivision. The “Reserved Beach” was established by Fl. Courts in 1951. Thousands of people enjoy this beach area each year including Laguna Beach property owners, their families, friends, and other visitors to the area.

Laguna Beach property owners and visitors have a great deal to be excited about such as the Pier Park shopping area which is a destination for travel all of its own.  The new international airport has opened, making it easier than ever to visit. More great dining choices have become available.

If you own property in Laguna Beach, congratulations, you are already aware of this wonderful area. If you are a member of LBPOA, thank you, and help us by encouraging other property owners to join our organization which is totally voluntary and the membership fee is nominal.

If you are not a member please come join us; we welcome you.